Heather Sibelius (h34th3rvi01in) wrote in supersopranos,
Heather Sibelius

Doing a research paper...

Questions for young singers: (The questions might not make absolute sense because they were made with a specific person in mind... Do your best! Thanks!)

1a. How has your range differed in relation to your age? Can you give specific examples? (e.g., at age five my range was: *insert range here*)

1b. Where did you switch registers at a younger age/ where were your breaks? What are they now? Have there been large changes, or has this been relatively consistent?

2a. At what age did you begin to practice consistently?

2b. At what age did you begin to study with a teacher?

3. Did you ever belt (sing very high in chest voice)? Do you still? How do you think this has affected you?

4. How has your tone changed as you grew?

5. At what age did you first become aware of your vibrato? (I don't mean to say, "at what age did you begin to vibrate," though knowing that would be helpful. I mean to say, "at what age did YOU become aware of your vibrato?")

6. What is your current range?

7. What are your current "breaks"? Is there any register in which you feel more uncomfortable than others?

8. What are your practice habits? Have they differed significantly since you were younger? How do you think your practice habits effect your development as a vocalist?

9. Have you discussed fach with your teachers? If so, what have they said? Do they think that you might be a coloratura or that you might become a mezzo?
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